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Display your special offers, facilities, event information, health & safety notices and more in eye-catching digital pages with our Cloud Content Management System…

Transform the way you advertise
with a Cloud Content Management System

With SCRIPTSIGN Cloud Content Management System, you can make advertising easier and more successful than ever! Connect multiple screens to one central portal and publish you stunning, engaging content instantly from any location with a click of a button. 

Cloud Updates

The cloud-based CMS portal allows you to control all screens, in any location, from your device


Create, edit and publish content in a simple way with our drag-and-drop content editor

Content Scheduler

Create multiple playlists and schedule them to run at different days/times of the day

Offline Mode

Even in offline mode, screens will continue showing the last received content playlist


You can share different content on each screen or create a group of screens to publish to

Remote Monitoring

You can view screens' status, turn them off, restart, or view the content shown at the time

Display URLs

You can display content from web URLs, whether its web pages, online PDFs or signup form

Display TV Channel

Broadcast a TV channel from your aerial feed either in full screen or with your advertisements

Make your content stand out...

Create beautiful slideshows with your latest offers, events, facilities and more with Cloud Content Management!

Combine images, videos, text, RSS Feeds & widgets to turn your desired content into a stunning digital piece,  guaranteed to capture your customers’ attention. 

non-touch and Touch Cloud Content Management system Cloud CMS

Update remotely from any location...

The Cloud Content Management System (CMS) can be accessed from any device!

Design your signage content online and connect it with one or multiple displays situated in one or multiple locations. As long as the screens are connected to the Internet, you can update them at any time…and if they are offline, don’t worry! The screen will continue showing the last published content while in offline mode, and will receive the latest information as soon as it’s back online.

Schedule your playlists...

Create different playlists and schedule them to play at different times of the day or different days of the week!

You can have different promotions showing during the day and change the playlist in the evening….or show different information during the week and run promotions on a weekend. The choice is yours! All content can be created in advance and scheduled to run during a specific time period.

Why you should choose SCRIPTSIGN Cloud Digital Signage?

Our Cloud Content Management Systems are easy to use, fully customisable and can be updated remotely within minutes. They are a great digital tool for showing up-to-date information. You can use it in reception and waiting areas, lifts, corridors, shop windows, above the counter/bar and other public spaces.

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